'Infobesity' is the title of a series of eight large scale, purely graphic print works. The collages reflect the everyday pressure of our digital generation. Infobesity or information overload is the clutter of images, notifications, updates, infomercials and the failure to register all this and to relate and react. How will this overflow of information influence our minds, the way we live and love, and what will our dreams look like.





My name is Boris Thorbecke and I was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1-4-1972). After living and working around the globe I now returned to live and work there again. From 1993 to 1998 I studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. After my studies, I started working as a freelance graphic designer/art director for clients such as Greenpeace, Nike and IKEA. I also exhibit my uncommissioned work in galleries and companies. In the eighties, I started as one of the first graffiti writers and you can probably see that in my work. But graffiti is not my main source of inspiration. I am inspired by everything from the old masters, the chaos in nature to the digital mass media. Everything eventually merges in the subconscious mind and so like this I want to visualize it, as a stream of unprocessed thoughts and dreams.


„I would have never got where I am right now were it not for the Vision. They made all my wishes come true.“

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