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The Infobesity series

The series of complex mixed media collages called 'Infobesity' deal with the effects that the daily and almost unstoppable flow of overstimulation of information, messages, advertisements, messages and social media has on our subconscious. 

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions


The gigantic works consist of the digital residual material found on the internet or as Boris calls it; 'visual waste'.  Amateurish vector files, logos, UX components. All of this is mixed together and supplemented with his own drawings, photos and texts.

Large scale works

 Not a single pixel is involved. Just pure mathematic vectors. This means that the works can be printed infinitely large formats whilst remaining razor-sharpness down to the smallest details. But viewed from a distance, everything is completely mixed like an expressionist painting.

Digital street art

In the eighties Boris started as one of the first graffiti writers in the Netherlands and you can see that in his work, but that is not his only source of inspiration. After his studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, he started working as a freelance art director for clients such as Nike, Greenpeace and IKEA.


These works can be found in the street under a bridge, or on a wall as a large-scale poster.  But they are also sold as print banners on high-quality paper with a minimum size of 3,5 x 1,7 meters.

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